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Faculties and Attributions CEN
Source: Current Statutes
Secretary of Public Relations

ARTICLE 59.- Obligations and powers of the Secretary of Public Relations:

I              Assist the members of the National Executive Committee, the General Secretaries of the Local Executive Committees or any member of the Trade Union Organization, in the absence of the General Secretary or when so ordered.

II.             It will support the Secretary General in all the activities and Commissions that are assigned by him.

III.           Seek positive relations between the Secretary General and the other members of the National Executive Committee, as well as with all the Local Executive Committees.

IV.           He must propose to the Secretary General, the Commissions that are necessary, so that in representation of the Union they appear before any instance.

v.            It will seek to preserve and improve good relations between our union and the other Organizations that belong to our FSTSE headquarters.

SAW.           In coordination with the Secretary General, he will plan and schedule all those events that the Union has to carry out.

VII.          It will also guide all the Sectional Committees in the realization of their events.

VII.        In a coordinated manner with the Secretary of Organization, it will intervene in all Union and Political acts carried out by the Union.

IX.           In the National Congresses or National Boards of Directors, in a coordinated manner with the Secretary of Organization, he will attend to the Delegates in the requirements that they see fit to make.

X.             Submit the management reports requested by the Secretary General, to present them to the National Congress or National Board of Directors.

XI.           Agree with the Secretary General, the affairs of his Secretary.

XII.          Carry out other activities that are indicated by the Secretary General.

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