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Faculties and Attributions CEN
Organization Secretary
Source: Current Statutes

ARTICLE 58.- Obligations and attributions of the Secretary of Organization, Press and Propaganda:

I              Develop the organizational work that the needs of the Union demand in accordance with its program, principles and norms established in these Statutes, executing the necessary action among the worker members of the Organization, to achieve their unification and a more effective attention to protection of your rights.

II.             Formulate and order the reform proposals to these Statutes, and must act jointly with the Commissions that are designated for the purpose.

III.           Be in charge of the organization, mobilization and control of the necessary contingents to carry out demonstrations, parades, rallies and other similar acts.

IV.           Together with the National Executive Committee, the National Surveillance Council, it will formulate the calendar for the changes of the Local Union Representations in the time and manner established by the Statutes, being responsible for the strict application of said calendar.

v.            It will be in charge of the election procedure of the Sectional Directors, coordinating the presence of the National Executive Committee in all the elective acts that are carried out in the Sections, through the Commissions that are appointed for this purpose, taking charge of the necessary orientation. so that the entire process is carried out under the democratic norms established by our Statutes.

SAW.           Study and project the need to create, restructure or eliminate union sections, subsections or delegations, subject to   to  the provisions of these Statutes, as well as establishing the jurisdiction of each of these and their execution will be submitted to the consideration of a legally constituted Plenary and to the provisions of article 79o.

VII.          Intervene in inter-union conflicts of the union, trying to resolve them satisfactorily, prior agreement with the General Secretary.

VII.        Communicate the results of the Elections of the National and Local Directives to the Authorities of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and to the Federal Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, for the purpose of their registration and to the sister organizations, to preserve the ties of fraternity.

IX.           Authorize with his signature and that of the Secretary General the credentials that accredit the members of the Organization, as well as the Union Directors and the Commissions that are designated.

X.             In conjunction with the Secretary General, he will authorize with his signature the Calls for the National Congresses and National Directive Councils, following the norms established by these Statutes.

XI.           Be in charge of compiling and controlling the statistical data that are necessary for the smooth running of the Organization.

XII.          Keep statistics of the Local Executive Committees and Local Surveillance Councils of the Sections, including the Sub-Sections and Delegations that exist in each of them.

XIII.         Keep an updated record of the members of the Organization, writing down the following information.

to. Name and surname

b. Place and date of birth

c. Place and date of admission to the Secretariat

d. Position, Level, Salary and Assignment

and. Your Federal Register Number        taxpayers

F. Home

g. Civil status

h. Name of spouse and children

i. People who directly depend,       economically of the worker.

J. Dependencies of the Federal Government in which he has rendered his services.

k. Union Managerial Positions          performed

l. School grade

XIV.        Verify if the worker has already made his testamentary letter before GNP, Insurance, Provincial National Group.

XV.          To be in charge of organizing the political and trade union events that are carried out by the union.

XVI.        At the request of the Local Executive Committees, it will collaborate with them in the Organization of their Political and Union acts.

XVII.       Edit and assume the direction of the Journalistic Organ of the Union and propose to the National Executive Committee, the Directors who should form the editorial body of the same.

XVIII.      It will be responsible for the Journalistic Organ of the Union to be printed and distributed with the frequency that is approved in the Plenary Session of the National Executive Committee and the National Surveillance Council.

XIX.         To send the informative organ of the Union to the Sections, Sub-Sections and other places it deems necessary at all times and in sufficient quantity.

XX.          Together with the Secretary General, make known to all the union members through bulletins, circulars or publications all the news and provisions of interest to the workers.

XXI.         Publish these Statutes, the General Conditions of Work, Regulations and Laws applicable to Workers in the Service of the State and the Administrative Provisions of a permanent nature that are considered important for the members of the Union.

XXII.       It will be in charge of the publicity and dissemination of the National Sports Games in all its stages, for the greatest success and brilliance of the same.

XXIII.      It will collect all the journalistic information related to the Organization and the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat, for its use, in addition to the creation of a Newspaper Library.

XXIV.      Prepare a six-monthly report on its management before the Secretary General so that it can be included in the Report of the Committee before the National Board of Directors or National Congress.

XXV.       Agree with the Secretary General, the matters of its competence.

XXVI.      The other activities that are indicated by the Secretary General or by whoever represents him.

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