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OFFICIAL: 10494    


The reproduction costs that may be generated in the processing of a request for access to information will be established in accordance with the General Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information:


Chapter II

Access Fees

Article  141.In  case  from  exist  costs  for  get  the  information,  shall  cover up  from  prior to delivery and may not exceed the sum of:

  1. The cost of the materials used in the reproduction of the information;

  2. The shipping cost, if any, and

  3. The payment of the certification of the Documents, when appropriate.

  4. The  dues  from  the  Rights  applicable  shall  settle  on  the  Law  Federal  from  Rights,  which  I know  will publish  on  the  sites  from  Internet  from  the  subjects  forced.  On  his  determination  I know  should consider  what  the  amounts  allow  or  facilitate  the  exercise  the  right  from  access  to  the  information, as well  I know  will establish  the  obligation  from  pin up  a  bill  banking  only  and  exclusively  for  what  the applicant makes the full payment of the cost of the information requested.

The obligated subjects to whom the Federal Rights Law is not applicable must establish quotas that must not be greater than those established in said law.

The information must be delivered free of charge, when it involves the delivery of no more than twenty simple sheets.

Transparency units may exempt payment for reproduction and shipping based on the applicant's socioeconomic circumstances

As well as in the provisions of the ACT-PUB/2203/2017.06 agreement, dated April 21, 2017,  whereby the guidelines establishing the costs of reproduction, delivery or, where appropriate, certification of information from the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data [1] are approved.  

Section II



Fifth. reproduction costs

The costs to be covered by the applicant for the delivery modality of reproducing the information referred to in these guidelines are:

playback medium

Applicable cost

1. Simple or printed copy regarding access to information

$0.50 (Fifty cents MN)

2. Simple or printed copy regarding personal data

$0.50 (Fifty cents MN)

3. Compact or multimedia disc (CD or DVD)

$10.00 (Ten pesos 00/100 MN)

Transparency Unit

CDMX September 06, 2019


[1] Document that is made available to you at the following link:  

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