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Dear Comrades: More than twenty-three years after the founding of our union (National Constitutive Congress in Guadalajara, Jal. March 2 and 3, 1995), we can say that with progress, the history of our organization It is marked by the courage of its members, the permanent struggle and our iron conviction that UNITY is strength.


D uring more than two decades of history, the reason for our existence has been to achieve the improvements in working conditions that our bases demand. These improvements are not whims or luxuries, but what the workers worthily deserve.


With the creation of this portal, one more achievement is obtained for the organization, projecting the union and showing that in the SNTSEMARNAT  we have a common goal: to strengthen our Union, to make the SNTSEMARNAT a strong, united and committed Union,  all of this will be possible if together we provide adequate and creative proposals that allow us to meet your demands in a timely manner and respond efficiently as each of you deserves.


Hoping that this technological tool will be very useful, I express my appreciation and thanks for the work done,  Thank you to all our members for trusting in us and for not giving up, and to the users, thank you for visiting our Website.

That is why I give you the warmest welcome to our website, which was undoubtedly created and thinking for and by you, it is designed to be a platform where you can find guidance, advice and support, and in a particular way help simplify the procedures and services offered by the various Secretariats that make up the SNTSEMARNAT.


In itself, this tool will allow you to know the activities, programs and actions that are undertaken in favor of our colleagues, you will also find information on our Statutes embodied in full, as well as the General Conditions of Work, in addition we highlight the functions of each one who integrates this Executive Committee.

This National Executive Committee has a clear mandate and a precise objective: to work hard for the unity and strengthening of our organization. These are and will be the foundations of our future achievements.

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