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GENERAL LAW OF ARCHIVES.  Article 13. The regulated entities must have control and consultation instruments  archives according to their attributions and functions, keeping them updated and available; and  They will have at least the following:

I. General table of archival classification;  

II. Catalog of documentary disposition, and  

III. Documentary inventories.  

The structure of the general archival classification table will attend to the levels of fonds, section and  series, without this excluding the possibility that there are intermediate levels, which will be  identified by an alphanumeric code.


General Table of Archival Classification (CGGA)

Technical instrument that reflects the structure of the Syndicate file based on its attributions and functions.

Documentary Provision Catalog (CADIDO)

It is a general and systematic record of the documentary series generated by the National Union of Workers of SEMARNAT and that establishes their values, terms of validity and conservation, reserve or confidentiality, as well as their final destination, consult them:

Documentary Inventories

Archival tool that describes the systematic and detailed relationship of the existing documentary units in the archives, following the organization of the documentary series.

Documentary Archive Guide

General scheme of description of the documentary series of the archives of the National Union of Workers of SEMARNAT. It contains the fundamental characteristics according to the archival classification table and its general data.

Index of Reserved Documentary Series

The administrative units periodically prepare an index of reserved files by thematic areas, which includes the confidential and reserved information that must be safeguarded, in accordance with the regulations that regulate this matter. The update is done at least every six months.

Check the Index of Reserved Documentary Series.

Simple Guide to Files

General scheme of description of the documentary series of the Archive of an Administrative Unit, which indicates its characteristics and fundamental data according to the General Table of Archival Classification; being an instrument of control and consultation.

Annual Program for Archival Development (PADA)

It defines the institutional priorities in archival matters integrating the economic, technological and operational resources available; Likewise, it contains organization and training programs in document management and file administration.

Annual Compliance Report

Pursuant to Articles 23 and 26 of the General Law on Archives, Regulated Entities that have an Interinstitutional Archives System must prepare an annual program and publish it on their electronic portal within the first thirty calendar days of the corresponding fiscal year.

Vale de préstamo de expedientes del Archivo de Concentración

Documento administrativo, por medio del cual se señala por escrito haber recibido un expediente en calidad de préstamo.

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