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Historical review

The National Union of Workers of the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SNTMARN) is a national organization that emerged through an agreement of the Workers of the SEMARNAP (Secretariat of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries), on March 2 from 1995; with the aim of fighting for the constant vindication of the professional and class interests of its members.


The SNTMARN is made up of all the  base workers of the dependency and those who do not perform functions of trust, under the terms of article 5 of the Federal Law of Workers in the Service of the State.


The SNTMARN  established a Trade Union Section in each of the States of the Republic  to obtain a better attention of the labor interests that provide their service in the various work centers of the country, having 42  sections throughout the Republic.





Promote the defense of workers' rights and carry out the  union work in a timely manner  Helping  to improve the  living and working conditions of members in favor of social justice.



To be an organization seeking to improve the Working and Living Conditions of Workers. Look for the  study, improvement and defense of our interests, defending by legal means and union methods the workers individually and collectively, in terms of social, economic and legal benefits of the workers of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in accordance with compliance with what is established in Article 123 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, as well as what is contained in the Federal Labor Law; promoting union work with responsibility, commitment and honesty.


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