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Faculties and Attributions CEN
Administration Secretary
Source: Current Statutes

ARTICLE 61.- Obligations and powers of the Secretary of Administration, Minutes, Agreements and Trade Union Patrimony:

I              Assume the administration of the general offices of the Organization, Management, Attendance Control, Hiring and Performance of Employees  at the service of the Union, taking into consideration the needs of the Union Directors that make up the Organization.

II.             Summon the Plenaries of the National Executive Committee and the National Surveillance Council, prior agreement with the General Secretary.

III.           It will be in charge and under its responsibility, the supply of materials and equipment necessary for the operation of the offices, and must timely formulate the budget that corresponds to its Secretariat, which will be submitted to the approval of a duly constituted Plenary.

IV.           Receive the correspondence that arrives in the name of the Organization, proceeding to its registration and delivery to the corresponding Secretaries by means of a list so that, with their signature, they become responsible for it.

v.            The values received in the Organization must be delivered to the Secretary of Finance or the President of the Economic Support and Retirement Fund, through a list detailing them, which will be signed upon receipt with the approval of the National Council of Surveillance, in the understanding that the lack of these signatures will not prevent the delivery and handling of said funds.

SAW.           Be in charge of duly updating the general archive of the Organization.

VII.          It will be in charge of the dispatch of correspondence and parcels.

VII.        Formulate the Minutes of the Plenary Sessions that are held and, once they are approved, obtain the signatures of the Secretary General, the National Surveillance Council and their own.

IX.           It will be in charge of the compilation and publication, if applicable, of the agreements reached in the Plenary Sessions, Councils and National Congresses.

X.             Be responsible, jointly with the Secretary General, for the control of the movable and immovable property that constitutes the patrimony of the Organization.

XI.           Together with the legal advisors of the Union, it will promote and participate in the legalization or regularization of the documentation that protects the ownership of the movable and immovable property that forms the patrimony of the Union.

XII.          Together with the Secretary of Finance, it will formulate and be in charge of the inventory of personal property owned by the Union, separating those that correspond to the National Executive Committee from those that are at the service and under the custody of the Sections, Sub-Sections and Delegations. , being responsible that in each one of them there is the corresponding inventory duly requested and updated.

XIII.         By means of a receipt, deliver to the Union Directors the equipment they use in the performance of their duties, which they must deliver at the end of their commission and ensure that in the Sections, through the corresponding Secretary, the same is carried out. process.

XIV.        It will be in charge of the maintenance and control of vehicles owned by the Organization, as well as machinery and equipment in general, ordering their repair or replacement prior agreement with the Secretary General.

XV.          Intervene, in conjunction with the General Secretary and legal advice, in the acquisition, lease, encumbrance or alienation of movable and immovable property of the Union, adhering to strict compliance with these Statutes.

XVI.        Provide precise and clear guidance to the Local Executive Committees on the preparation and management of inventories of movable and immovable property at their service and in their custody.

XVII.       You will be in charge of planning and  Execute the construction of all the facilities and buildings of the Trade Union Organization determined by the National Executive Committee.

XVIII.      It will advise the Union Sections in all the actions they carry out in terms of construction or maintenance of real estate and facilities.

XIX.         It will formulate every six months the program of actions necessary to provide adequate maintenance to the facilities and buildings owned by the Union, which will be executed with the prior approval of the National Executive Committee.

XX.          It will monitor and coordinate with the Union Sections the necessary actions for an adequate maintenance and conservation of the buildings owned by the Union.

XXI.         On a monthly basis, it will render to the National Executive Committee a report on the progress of the work, which is achieved in terms of construction and maintenance of real estate.

XXII.       It will carry out the studies related to the costs of the constructions and maintenance works that it carries out, informing the National Executive Committee of the increases that exist.

XXIII.      It will prepare and keep updated an inventory of the real estate owned by the Union, containing the projects, plans and calculation reports of the corresponding works.

XXIV.      It will present a quarterly report on its management to the Secretary General, so that he can formulate the Committee's Report before the National Directive Council or National Congress.

XXV.       He shall agree with the Secretary General on the affairs of his Secretariat.

XXVI.      The other activities that are indicated by the Secretary General or by whoever represents him.

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