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Faculties and Attributions CEN
Social Security Secretary
Source: Current Statutes

ARTICLE 64.- Obligations and powers of the Secretary of Welfare and Social Services.

I              Permanently analyze the provisions that exist regarding Social Security for workers, in order to promote the reforms or additions that are appropriate both in the General Conditions of Work, and in the Laws of the matter.


II.             Monitor and fight for the physical integrity of the members of the Union, seeking to establish work systems that do not harm them or endanger their lives.

III.           Maintain the inviolability of the General Conditions of Work and the precepts of the corresponding Laws, agreements, regulations and provisions regarding Social Security, Hygiene and Work Risks.

IV.           Intervene before the Secretary and the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers, in all problems that arise among the members of the Organization in matters of Social Welfare, in order that they may obtain the benefits as quickly as necessary. that they have the right.

v.            Demand from the Authorities that in all Work Centers far from the city, adequate camps be established with all hygiene, health, comfort and safety services. When, due to the nature of the work, the installation of a fixed camp is not possible, ensure that the brigades or crews of workers are provided with a mobile camp with the appropriate services.

SAW.           In cases where workers provide their services in dangerous and unhealthy places, they must demand the implementation of all the security measures established in the Safety and Hygiene Regulation and will rule on the reduction of hours, extension of vacation periods, economic compensation, etc., strictly adhering to the Risk Catalog that is formulated, likewise, its optimization will correspond to it.

VII.          It will represent the Union before the National Joint Safety and Hygiene Commission and will be in charge of advising and supporting the Trade Union Representatives before the Local Joint Commissions, collecting for this the information that is required and keeping a meticulous control of the steps they carry out. .

VII.        It will manage before the corresponding Authorities  the     inclusion     from      Budget Items     necessary for the application of the Safety and Hygiene measures that are approved; Likewise, it will help the Sectional Committees for these same procedures before the Local Authorities.

IX.           It will be in charge, on behalf of the Union before the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, the installation of restaurants and cafeterias for the service of the workers.

X.             Seek the formation of the National Mixed Commission of Benefits, Awards for Punctuality and Efficiency, to manage before whom it corresponds, financing, diffusion  and application of the Quarterly and Annual Prizes that are awarded, having to be in constant communication and giving the necessary advice to the Local Mixed Benefits Commissions.

XI.           Coordinate with the corresponding authorities for the celebration of the Award Ceremonies for workers who complete 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 years of service, based on the Law on Incentives and Civil Rewards for Service Workers of the State, seeking the constant increase of said stimuli.

XII.          Manage obtaining discounts on basic items, tickets, accommodation, etc. that benefit workers.

XIII.         Formulate studies on the various provisions governing pensions and retirement, in order to promote the reforms deemed appropriate.

XIV.        Monitor that the operation of the services and benefits in terms of Pensions and Retirements provided by the ISSSTE to affiliated workers, conforms to the Law.

XV.          Address in a timely and efficient manner the problems raised by the members of the Organization or their relatives in matters of pension, retirement, global compensation or life insurance, seeking a prompt and correct solution to them, including delays in payments or errors in the amount of benefits.

XVI.        Fight for the ISSSTE Law to establish the right for workers to retire with a pension equivalent to the earnings they enjoy at the time of retirement.

XVII.       Attend, representing the Union, all meetings, conferences and conventions held on pensions, retirement and life insurance.

XVIII.      Manage before whom it corresponds, the recognition   full   for     effects of   retirement   or     pension,     of the time that the workers rendered their services  with   charged to the Raya List Item or who for any reason have not contributed to said Institute.

XIX.         Intervene before the ISSSTE, to obtain the immediate payment of the global indemnities in the terms of the Law, managing the necessary documentation in a timely manner.

XX.          Manage the return of own funds to the ISSSTE, in favor of the workers who leave or their relatives in the event of death, taking charge of forming the necessary claim files with the documentation provided by the Local Executive Committees or the interested parties.

XXI.         Fight for the amount of economic benefits related to pension or retirement to be increased appropriately, due to the rise in the cost of living.

XXII.       Monitor compliance with the Presidential Decrees and Agreements related to life insurance for the workers of the Secretariat, in GNP, Insurance, National Provincial Group and intervene in all cases that are required for their timely payment.

XXIII.      Advise all the Local Executive Committees on benefits for the relatives of deceased workers.

XXIV.      Prevent any base worker of the Secretariat from being excluded from the benefits of the life insurance of GNP, Seguros, Grupo Nacional Provincial.

XXV.       Fight for the increase of the life insurance of GNP, Seguros, Grupo Nacional Provincial.

XXVI.      Advise the relatives of the workers regarding the procedure to follow to obtain the benefits that the Laws and Regulations grant.

XXVII.   It will be in charge of the necessary procedures to obtain the service records required by the National Executive Committee.

XXVIII.  Submit a six-monthly report on their management to the Secretary General, so that he may formulate the Committee's report before the National Board of Directors and the National Congress.

XXIX.      Agree with the Secretary General on matters within its competence.

XXX.       The other activities that are indicated by the Secretary General or by whoever represents him.

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