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Source: Current Statutes
Secretary of Labor

ARTICLE 62.- Obligations and powers of the Secretary of Labor:

I              Intervene in labor conflicts of an individual nature that arise between the members of the Union and the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, when these are referred to them by the sections or directly by the interested parties.

II.             Inform the members of the status of their affairs and request from them all the data, documents and evidence necessary for the best success of their claims.

III.           Give the instructions that are necessary to the Secretaries of Conflicts and Labor of the Sections, about the processing of the matters that correspond to them by reason of jurisdiction.

IV.           Ensure that individual problems within their jurisdiction are timely resolved by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, when the intervention of the H. Federal Court of Conciliation and Arbitration is necessary, they must gather the documentary evidence that is required using the Legal Advice of the Union and present the respective demand in the terms of these Statutes.

v.            If necessary, you must file amparos, appeals or what is pertinent in the legal order according to the organic structure of our Union, until obtaining favorable results for the workers; Likewise, it will monitor the execution and the awards, provisions and agreements that are made for this purpose, resorting to the Secretaries of Conflicts and Labor of the Sections whose jurisdiction corresponds to them.

SAW.           It will be in charge of the Labor Exchange of the National Executive Committee.

VII.          It must be in permanent contact with those in charge of the Sections' Labor Exchanges, so that they duly fulfill their functions and avoid the entry of personnel that harm the Workers' Ladder Rights, giving preference to former workers and in their order to the sons of the members.

VII.        It will be in charge of controlling the last category vacancies, referred to in article 62 of the Federal Law of Workers in the Service of the State, assuring in favor of the Union at least fifty percent of them as corresponds. .

IX.           The others that derive from the nature of their functions.

X.             Submit a six-monthly report on their management to the Secretary General, so that he may formulate the General Report of the Committee before the National Board of Directors and the National Congress.

XI.           Agree with the Secretary General, the matters of his Secretariat.

XII.          The other activities that are indicated by the Secretary General or by whoever represents him.

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